Instadapp Using Forta to Monitor Protocol Health

Forta is happy to announce that Instadapp is using Forta to monitor their protocol for critical finance, governance and operational activity.

Article by Forta March 15, 2022

Forta to Decentralize Node Running and Add Multi-chain Support

Forta is onboarding additional scan nodes as the Protocol continues to decentralize. Forta is also expanding its monitoring coverage beyond Ethereum – with support for Avalanche, Polygon and BSC launching in early February.

Article by Forta January 25, 2022

Web3 Security with Forta: 2021 & Beyond

2021 has been an amazing year for the Forta Protocol, the first decentralized community-based security platform to prevent or mitigate smart contract exploits as they occur.

Article by Forta December 23, 2021

Poly Network Using Forta to Monitor Protocol Risks

Forta is happy to announce that Poly Network is now using Forta to monitor for security and operational risks involving its bridge contracts.

Article by Forta December 21, 2021

Forta Boasts 100+ Developers Building Threat Detection Agents as App Goes Public

To support continued growth, Forta is launching Forta Explorer and Forta Connect, two apps that give developers and users a platform to create, browse, and subscribe to security alerts.

Article by Forta November 1, 2021

How Forta Could Have Prevented Poly Network’s $600M Hack

The first post in what will be a regular series exploring noteworthy smart contract security events in the industry and how Forta could have helped.

Article by Forta October 25, 2021

Nethermind wants to See the ‘Heartbeat of Ethereum Security’ on Forta

Tomasz Stańczak from Nethermind, one of the developer teams building agents on the Forta protocol, reflects on the project and security best practices in the community.

Article by Forta October 14, 2021

Announcing Forta

Smart contracts and the decentralized economy have seen amazing growth in the past 2 years, including huge growth in transaction volume and Total Value Locked.

Article by Forta September 30, 2021