Real-time threat detection for smart contracts.

We are building the first decentralized community-based security protocol to prevent or mitigate smart contract exploits as they occur

Incubated by OpenZeppelin, the leader in blockchain security since 2015.

Community-enabled smart contract security

Detection agent developers

Develop code scripts to detect specific conditions or events. Any developer can create generalized security tooling for DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs.


Scan transactions and smart contract data on any L1, L2, or sidechain. Run detector agent scripts and emit alerts when threats are detected.

Protocol devs, investors and integrators

Get real-time alerts on cybersecurity, financial, governance, and operational threats for your own or dependent protocols. Take defensive action to prevent or minimize loss of funds.

See how Forta could have prevented Poly Network’s $600M hack from August 2021

Backed by world class partners, actively part of the Forta community

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